Teen Poetry Collections

Without a Family

by Estelle (age 17)

Without a family
Without a home
Have you ever spent your birthday alone?

Do you know how it feels to leave a sister?
To call her and tell her you’re sorry
Then tell your mother you miss her?

Do you have a little brother?
Have you ever woken to his screams
Because his dreams are filled with visions
Of your drugged up father
Beating your drunken mother

Have you ever sat in a corner
Curled in a ball crying
Wishing the voices would just go away
Then popped little white pills
Hoping to die before the dawn
Of another terrifying day

Is your life a cloud of smoke?
From a pipe containing purple haze
Or the bottom of the Bacardi bottle
That you cling to in your drunken stupor
Though it’s been empty for half the day

Do you ever wish time would stop?
That a hole in the floor would open
And you would just drop…
Do you ever wonder why you still live?
Maybe it’s time for you to learn to forgive

Dedicated to my new family – You know who you are