Teen Poetry Collections

Who You Are What You Did

by Jamie (age 15)

What do you see when you walk in that door
You don’t see nothing but a 6-by-9 cell and a bed
and a sink and a toilet
How do you feel knowing you done something stupid
You wish now that you never had done it
You sit up in the courtroom waiting to be judged
You don’t even know who you are or what you did
You blame your actions on the ones you truly love
When it was you that knew how to play by the rules
You let things get the best of you

And what were you thinking in the back of that patrol car
You woke up in the intake not knowing what you did, not even remembering who you are
I guess that’s what happens when you drink alcohol that far
You’re like a newborn child trying to walk
But you never learned how to crawl
Now you need help to get up from your fall

Dedicated to my mother, father, girlfriend, and friends