Teen Poetry Collections

Who Am I?

by Lil' Mouse (age14)

When I was born I thought I’d be an innocent child
But now I’m here in juvenile
Like my mother, out running the streets
Smoking crack and robbing people for money
And I thought, Who Am I?
I lost my virginity to a guy I didn’t know
Hanging out with older people
Who just wanted to get in my pants
Thinking I could get in the game
And I thought, Who Am I?
It’s harsh out there
All you do is sit waiting for crack
Spending your money on crack
Being a crack whore
And I thought, Who Am I?
People running in and out
Worrying about cops
Being thrown in the back of a police car
And thinking, Who Am I?
And now I sit in my room
Thinking what to do with my life
Be like my mother, or be like myself
I’m ending up like her
But I’m different
I can change my ways
And I’m not like anybody else
And I thought to myself
That Is Who I Am

Dedicated to my friend and loving mother