Teen Poetry Collections


by David (age 16?)

I proceeded to eat it.
There is none left.
It was salty with butter,
and it was def.
I proceeded to eat it
because I was in the mood,
but, Homes, I didn't know
it was an can of dog food!
The man was cookin' one night.
The stew he was cookin'.
He stopped cookin' so he might
put in a little garlic.
While he was cookin' he sang:
     No girl.
     No girl cook me a dinner.
     No girl make me glad.
     No girl to bring me wine.
     No, No, No, I want to die.
     I have no mate.
     I haven't a girl let alone a date.
     I want to die.
     I'll eat my stew
     then I'll eat my pie.
     No joke,
     I have no way to grab a smoke,
     for I have no legs,
     no arms.
     And now I shall build many farms.
     My maid is a pot smoker
     and a cluck.
     She goes with the baker who can't drive his truck.
     When I pee it is green
     with little monsters who are really mean.
     I am going to fire her 'cause she really smells,
     and she wears a see-through dress
     with lots of bells.
     Die, Die, I want to die.
     I'll eat my stew
     then eat my pie. (P.S. By the way, the man couldn't speak.)