Teen Poetry Collections

This Is Too Much

by Lady J (age 21)

This is too much
Being transgender
Living on Capitol Hill in a messed up building
Where you live around drugs and alcohol
And prostitution

It made me do a lot of things I never used to do
Like drink really heavy
I never used to do drugs

I got kicked out of my other place
And temporarily stayed at some cracked-out building
My friends were there
But they were a bad influence

That was the only place I could go
My friends went downhill, too

All the transgender youth I know
Do pretty much the same thing
Get drunk, do drugs
Because pretty much all of them are escorts
They're doing something that
They don't want to do with somebody
But they need the money

Me, I'm just doing it because
I have no other way of getting money

My goal is to go back to school
Get a good job
Cut down on alcohol, and stop doing drugs

The whole situation is
Because I don't have an ID or social security card
Nothing to go to school with

(Lady J describes herself as questioning, male-to-female transgender.)