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There Had to Have Been Someone 

This is Pongo's 13th book overall and our 8th collection of writing by teens in King County Juvenile Detention in Seattle. The teens in detention are awaiting trial or serving sentences for a variety of offenses, from running away and truancy, to prostitution, shoplifting, drug-dealing, and violent crimes. The book itself contains 63 poems, just a sampling of the 741 poems facilitated by Pongo volunteers between fall 2007 and spring 2011. There Had to Have Been Someone was published August 2011.

The authors in this book are not identified by their real names, and details within their poems have been changed to protect their confidentiality and their families' privacy. For more explanation of the project's context, you can read the book's Preface. Please enjoy the wonderful sample poems below!

Selected Poems from This Collection

There Had to Have Been
I Like the Rain More than the Sun
Finding Summer Again
Every Guy
When I Look in the Mirror
Different Levels
Worries for You
The First and Last Day I Saw My Dad
Changing My Life Around
You Can't Be Mad Forever
I Wonder
Doors of Emotion
Ice Cream Man
Liquor Makes the World Violent
The Coolest Dad
Letter to Mom
The Three Faces of My Monster
Sides of Me
Love of My Life
My Life
What It's Like to Have a Headache

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