Teen Poetry Collections

The Other Piece Of Me, My Father

by Baby Chicken (age 13)

He was a nice person,
but he had problems.

He really disappointed me when
he had said, "Don't come home."
"No matter what you do, don't come home."
I didn't go home. I was stranded at school.
And the lady who lived down the street
had taken me to her house.

The next day, I went back home,
and the house was empty, except for my room.
I didn't go back to that lady's house,
I stayed at my house by myself.
My dad left me money.
He left me a portfolio in his room,
next to the telephone, that had
my baby pictures, my birth certificate,
little things that I had given him when I was younger,
and a letter to me, saying
"I don't mean to hurt your feelings,
but I care for you a lot, and I'm sorry
that I couldn't be there
to take care of you, and I love you very deeply,
and I hope one day you can forgive me."

That's the letter. I was eleven.
I stayed in the house, by myself, until the landlord came
and kicked me out. So I went back to that lady's house,
and I stayed there for about three months and then went
back to group homes.

That's what I get for being a bad kid I guess.
But when people neglect you and abandon you,
it's hard to treat them with respect

Dedicated to my father