Teen Poetry Collections

The Guy with the Green Eyes

by Mary (age 16)

I want to write about the guy who raped and molested me. It happened when I was ten.
It usually happened during the night
when my mom was drunk.
That’s how I knew it was coming –
he would give my mom drinks.

What I do remember is that it was always dark.
His green eyes lit up in the dark.
It was the squeaky soles of his shoes that always let me
know he was near.
He made me do things I didn’t want to do
by threatening the life of my little brother
with a shotgun.

I told my mom. She didn’t believe me,
“K. is a really good man. He’d never do the things that you say he is doing.”
To this very day those words still bother me.
While this was happening –
I felt helpless, I felt angry,
I felt lost, I felt like it was all my fault.

“For being too pretty,”
That’s what my mom said,
“Walking around with those tight shorts and shirts.”

I finally got tired of it two years later.
I stood up for my little brother and I.
And when he made me French kiss him,
I bit him.
The taste of his blood was horrible.
I told him to get out of my room or I’d call the police.
He stared at me with those bright green eyes, he did.
And nodded showing that he understood.
He walked away.
That was the last time I’ve see those bright green eyes and that shotgun.
But I still have nightmares.