Teen Poetry Collections

The House on the Corner II

This is Pongo’s second collection of writing by homeless, runaway, and street youth at YouthCare’s Orion Center, a drop-in shelter in downtown Seattle, Washington. (YouthCare is a private, nonprofit organization providing shelter, counseling, and other services to homeless youth.)

Many of the Orion teens are living on the streets because of social and familial problems such as poverty, emotional neglect, drug addiction, alcoholism, physical beatings, and sexual abuse. To help the teens write about their lives, Richard Gold volunteered during the school program within the center (Seattle Public Schools). Please read the sample poems below.

This is Pongo Publishing’s second teen publication, printed August 1997. It is currently out of print.

Selected Poems  from This Collection

No One Gives
Jumbled Pictures
Confused in My Words
This Time
To Whom It May Concern
Queer Boy
Wish Poem
The Priceless Gift... Taken


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