Teen Poetry Collections

The Battle Between Good And Evil

by Tony (age 15?)

I'm good and evil.
God tells me to do good.
But the devil tells me to do evil.
I could flip.
I could flip.
But I'm calm right now.
I could beat someone's ass in here.
But God's telling me to be good.
If I be kind to m___f___s,
someone take my kindness for a weakness.
If I'm good and go to church,
the devil will put thoughts in my homeboys' heads
to take me out.

The devil scarred my family.
The devil took me when I was four or five
and was taken away from my mother.
I was taken to some strange people
that I'd never seen before.
It was a whole different lifestyle.
I'm from the ghetto, and they took me to Kent,
which was hella far to me.
The people weren't bad, they were Christians,
they had church in the house.
After a while I started liking the people
and was going to be adopted.
My CSO officer told me I would never see
my mother again.
I started crying, I told her I wanted to go back.
Then they brought me back to this m___f___
to Seattle
another foster home.
This is just one scar.