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Pongo Poetry Prize - January 2011

This is the fourth winner of the Pongo Poetry Prize! Following the winning poem, there are links to three great poems that received Honorable Mention.

by a young woman, age 16

I can be as strong as concrete, a solid brick wall,
   like the ones that I have build to surround me.
Ready to lock myself within the walls, protected, and unhurt.

I can be as strong as the ocean's waves,
   that swallow me up whole.
Pay attention to my craving waves, the ones that come after you,
   not giving time to breathe.
I will overcome this fear.

I can be strong in ways you don't expect.
I can be as strong as the stone heart that I carry on my sleeve.
Able to stay strong and stable,
   through all the hurt that is thrown at me.

My strength can be gentle.
I can only be as strong as myself, my weakest link.
Ready to crack under all the pressure.

I can be strong and change the world.
I can.
And I will.

[Author Statement: Writing to me is always truth. I write how and what I feel. It gives me a thought of knowing that someone or something, my notebook, will always listen to me.]

Honorable Mention, January 2011 
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