Teen Poetry Collections

Sense Of Protection

by J.p. (age 18)

When I lost my dad I lost my
sense of protection.
So I turn to any man who
can give me affection and that
sense of protection.
I search and search for any
man with the same profession
as my dad. Pimps, hustlers, ballers,
and players. While I know that this
lifestyle is not heading me in the
right direction, yet there is still that
sense of protection.

One day I got wise and looked
the devil straight in
his eyes and told him to stop
feedin' me these lies. I don't need
pimps, hustlers, ballers, and players
to give me that
sense of protection,
'cause my God gives me that and more.
Every day the devil tries to lead me
in temptation, but I have that
sense of protection I need.
All I do is get on my knees and say,
Lord, guide me,