Programs on the Pongo Model -
Our Duckling Projects

We invite you to join the community of people who have started writing projects on the Pongo model. We call them "Pongo-inspired" projects. Membership in the community includes free consultations. Contact us at .


The writers and mentors pictured above are from Pongo's first duckling project, the "Hearts Out Loud" poetry group at Friends of the Children, a mentoring organization.

Here are stories of several wonderful writing programs that were founded on the Pongo model, including...

Real Poets Writing Project.
Real Poets is a writing project at Turning Point Community Programs in Sacramento, California. Turning Point offers mental health services, including support to people after homelessness. The Real Poets Writing Project was founded by Alex Russell.

Children's Hospital IPU.
Andy Huntington founded a duckling writing project in the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit at Children's Hospital in Seattle. Andy is a Pediatric Mental Health Specialist.

Pongo and The Cuentame Project.
The Cuentame Project is a writing program inside the girls juvenile detention center in San Salvador, El Salvador. This progam was founded by two North American women, Maria and Jenna. Maria Hoisington met with me and observed Pongo's work before launching this lovely program.

Pongo and Friends of the Children (King County).
Friends of the Children (King County) is an agency that provides mentoring to youth in difficult circumstances, providing 12 years of adult support to youth, all through their school years. Robin Brownstein is a children's psychotherapist and unpaid consultant to FotC. She approached Pongo, and we provided training to Robin and a group of FotC mentors and volunteers. Their work is inspiring.

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