Teen Poetry Collections


by Nicole (age17?)

A lot of times children who are having problems go somewhere for help and end up at the Orion Center or the police station. Whatever happened that was the cause for that child leaving the home seems to always change when a state official or caseworker gets involved and starts talking to the parents.

For instance, if the child was locked out. And let's say that the child called the police for assistance in getting his or her belongings. And when the police got there the parents have a different story. For instance, "I didn't kick them out. They ran away just so they don't get into trouble." And then the officials can't really help you. They see it in other ways.

Or if like your parents kick you out and months later you become pregnant, and you apply for public assistance, and your parents tell the state they will support you with no conditions. So you can't get any money, and then you go to your parents for help, and they don't want anything to do with you. And then you're stuck.

Same thing applies for parents who won't sign for their child to go to school or get their birth certificate or help them get a job. I think that they just don't want the child to get anywhere so they can have a reason to everyone as to why their child is not at home.

Which sounds better, "I kicked my child out, and they bettered their life by going to school and getting a job to support themselves," or, "My child is a bum and does drugs and dropped out."

I think that's why a lot of parents don't want to help their kids, because they don't want to look bad.