Teen Poetry Collections

Ocean, Wall, And Pond

by Toni (age 16), Nona (age 15), And Lita (age 15)

ToniThere is an ocean in me
I'm gullible and sweet
I'm open to options
But kill in the process
I'm a Libra
I'm strong as a lion's pride
But I am a woman and I do cry
So get ready for this tide to rise.
NonaI am a wall; it's hard to
break me down
I won't let you climb over me
I won't let you walk around me
The fire will blaze if you
step on me
If I sense betrayal or lies,
the Aries will come alive.
LitaThere's a pond in me
I am firm, calm, and
take action at dawn
I am quiet inside and out, and very down to earth
I am beautiful and bright and shine in the light
I am like the grass
around the pond
If you blow through me hate,
I splash up with a heart of fate
There's a pond in me.