Teen Poetry Collections

No One Gives

by Mike (age 16)

I walked out of my apartment today at the end of the fourth week, of the six weeks you're allowed to stay in emergency housing. My mom is trying her hardest to find a place, but all we can afford is a studio or a one bedroom. Most of the landlords are assholes and won't let a mother with two children live in such a small space. Those that let us stay won't let us have my sister's dog. And now my mom's ex-boyfriend's mother is taking away the co-sign on our cell-phone, so our lines of communication are pretty much gone.

To make things worse, she also took my sister's dog to the Humane Society. If they would have told us they didn't want the dog and were going to take the co-sign off the phone, we could have made arrangements, but they didn't, so we're f__ked. And my sister is crying because she doesn't know where we're going to stay in two weeks. So I'm their shoulder to cry on.

But where the f__k is my shoulder, I'm dealing with this crap too. And I have to hold it the f__k in. Well, I'm f__king tired of it. I hate this f__king crap. My life is a f__king hellhole, and no one gives a f__k.