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No More Me

This is a collection of writing by teenagers in residential therapy at Child Study and Treatment, the only state-run psychiatric hospital for children in Washington. Richard Gold worked with the teens both in large groups and individually within the center’s school program (Clover Park School District). The young people expressed themselves on themes of abuse, confusion in life, cutting, and suicidal feelings; and they shared their writing in four powerful poetry readings to other teens and staff. Please read the sample poems, book Forward by Dr. Mick Storck, and book Preface below.

This is Pongo Publishing’s seventh teen publication, printed December 2001. It is currently out of print.

Foreword     Preface

Selected Poems from This Collection

My Anger     
Abusive Dad  
No More Me   
Pink Flower
Crazy World    
Flying Pig World
About My Sister
Take One
People Who Die in My Life
My Closet

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