Teen Poetry Collections

Mommy's Angel & Daddy's Lil' Girl

by Cassandra Phyllis (age 15)

Part One: Mommy’s Angel

I was mommy’s angel, her best friend
until he stepped in, taking her away,
feeding her poison.
She was gone for a year. I learned how
to cook and clean before she remembered
about me.
Push goes to show, when she came home
it was all about he. Gone so long, mommy’s
daughter is in need of love.
Hugged up on he, she said, “She’s had
enough.” Daughter’s lost in the want to
feel mommy’s love again.
Turns to guys, drugs. Basically, sin.

Part Two: Daddy’s Lil’ Girl

Mommy’s angel was now daddy’s
Lil’ girl, to whom he gave the best
and shared his world.
Even upside down, his world would turn.
That was too bad for daddy’s girl.
Trapped. No one to turn to,
having feelings that she needed to
She kept to herself, thoughts gnawing
at her mind drove her ballistic.
Her soul died.
People thought she was a nut.
But what they never knew was,
What was up.


Looking for love is the
wrong place to call home.

Excerpt from a work in progress. Dedicated to those who feel as I do.