Teen Poetry Collections


by Annette

A worst moment is
when I had a nervous
in 1984

A best moment is
having all of my children together
and eating together and worshipping
and Carlo leading a sermon at 8 years old,
in 1991

A worst moment
when Marcus shot his finger
on school grounds,
and it made national news,
and all I heard at first
was that he got shot,
in 1996

A best moment
when I took the kids
on our only family trip,
a drive to California, Universal Studios
The whole trip, my husband didn't ever
at any of us
The happiest I saw him,
clean and sober,
in 1994

when I felt a moment of just giving up,
that I can't do it no more,
and knowing that I have to stay strong
for my son
A family member called me
to say that my son was in the paper,
charged with assaulting a woman
And I just have to keep my life straight
to be able to get
my prayers through to God
and hear His voice