Teen Poetry Collections


by Alonso (age 14)

Loveless #2
3 words remain unheard, I love you
emotions stay unstirred, I love you
hopes shatter against white cell walls
before I succumb to sleep, icy tears fall
heart cracks and bleeds, I love you
basic unmet needs, I love you
no trust anymore, yet I'm behind locked doors
oh well, whatever, I love you no more

Loveless I May Be
In here, more of my heart is confined than my body.
People abandon me along my road to redemption.
No one to lean on, my life proceeds without me,
leaving me to catch up using collect calls. I'm
so loveless here, past mistakes reap their price
from me with scythes of regret. Loveless I
may be, but I love being loveless, not loving
myself. I'll be out with the roll of the

Dedicated to E.