Teen Poetry Collections

Looking For Love

by Baby-girl (age 15?)

How am I supposed to love another family
when I never had a chance to love my own?
I grew up with four brothers and abusive parents.
But we all lived through it, now going our separate ways
this year.
I'm sixteen, and am very lonely.
I'm the baby of the family, and the only girl.
I'm still looking for love within my family,
I haven't given up.

It's so hard when I'm the only one
who realizes we've grown apart.
Two of my brothers are in prison,
another one's in Eastern Washington,
the other one's at home with my mom,
drugged out.

My mother and father are separated.
My father lives in Ballard and doesn't
keep in contact with me.
My mother has brain damage and is
always trying to look out for me,
but I ignore the love that is given to me.

I worry daily if we'll ever be one again.
It runs through my head not knowing
what it's going to take.