Teen Poetry Collections

Life's Complications

by Jeff (age 13)

One complication
Is not having a parent there
Having to live on my own
Having to take care of myself

Another complication
Trying to get over a drug that
Can kill me
And putting my life at risk
Having to go to treatment
And take medication
I wish I never did take
That first hit

A third complication is that
Since I was born
I had to see a lot of abuse
My dad abusing my mom
Abusing me, abusing my sister
A lot of alcohol in the house
Which caused my family
To split up when I was three

Another complication
Is being locked up
Dealing with stress and detention
For getting kicked out of school
They're trying to charge me
For something I didn't do,
Which is "illegal burning and explosives"
It was a friend of my friend
Who lit the garbage can on fire

The biggest complication
The last time I saw my dad
My last picture of him
Is him throwing me through
A sheetrock wall
That's a real complicated picture
And one I'm still trying to get over

Dedicated to my mom