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Pongo Poetry Prize - April 2011

This is the fifth winner of the Pongo Poetry Prize! Following the winning poem, there are links to three great poems that received Honorable Mention.

Lessons of Courage and Fear 
by a young woman, age 16

In my life I’ve known Courage.

We met when I had my baby boy.
Nowadays Courage is standing by my side.
I find Courage when I face my fear and speak my mind. 

In my life I’ve known Fear.
We met when I got sexually abused.
These days Fear is the nightmares that don’t let me sleep.
Fear finds me when I see those guys that have hurt me. 

I’ve learned that Courage and Fear are different.
When Courage tells me that I am strong
     and I don’t have to look behind,
Fear says I’ll never be me again.
Usually I listen to Courage, Fear, and my heart.
I wish no one may know my fears
     and only see my courage and strength
So that I can be me again.
I wish I was Courage and not Fear.

Honorable Mention, April 2011 
Sometimes I Feel Like
Trapped Inside

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