Teen Poetry Collections

It's What You Dream For

by Eric (age 16)

Every day I wake up
I feel trapped
It seems like people just don't care
about your feelings
All these people I keep on meeting
just keep on going away
I'm lost in my own anger
It seems like I just keep on
going back into the cell
I try every time to stay out of jail,
but I get that pressure inside,
violence roars through my system
I think it's because I never felt love,
always had to teach myself to be my own dad
I didn't want to let anyone else inside my feelings
because I was afraid they wouldn't understand
I felt like no one was my friend
It's hard to make friends, it seems like,
I mean real friends,
friends that stay there forever
and treat you with respect
I guess I'm gullible and serious,
like some people say,
but it's because I know I deserve better,
and you have to learn to take chances and risk
and become something
Sometimes I wonder what the purpose
of life is
besides money and sex
It's what you dream for