Teen Poetry Collections

If God Were Looking at My Life

by Cedric (age 16)

He’d wonder why I sin so much.
He’d understand that I’m a whole man,
     That I take care of myself.
He’d know the way things had gone. Bad.
     My parents don’t care about me.
He’d remember when I was very little. I was
     Confused because I wasn’t with my real
He’d know that I’m trying to change.
He’d know how hard it is to change. The people
     I deal with are the people that raised me,
     My friends. They’ve got me confused.
He’d want me to understand that life is better
     Than I’m making it.
If God opened a new door for me,
     It would lead me to my childhood again.
Then I could start all over with my life.
     Be treated like a human. Not treated
     As a thug.