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How Tucked in the Corner Was Sadness

This is Pongo's fifth collection of writing by teens in King County Juvenile Detention in Seattle. These youths are awaiting trial or serving sentences for a variety of offenses, from running away and truancy to prostitution, shoplifting, drug-dealing, and violent crimes. Pongo worked during the detention school program (Seattle Public Schools) and within the detention library (King County Library system) to help the teens write about their lives. Richard led the project with the help of three wonderful writing mentors: Ann Teplick, Martha Linehan, and Emily Happy.

This is Pongo’s tenth teen publication, printed August 2005. The authors in this book are not identified by their real names. For more explanation of the project's context (and magnificent supporters), you can read the book's two Prefaces, by Richard and by Martha. Please read the sample poems below!

Selected Poems from This Collection

How Tucked in the Corner
Who You Are, What You Did
The Thoughts in My Head
What I Want to Say
I Got Raped
The Girl Inside

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