Get Involved in Pongo


We are very grateful for your interest and support of Pongo. It really means a lot. The principal ways that people in the community have gotten involved are by volunteering and donating.

But there are other ways you can help! We aspire to bring more teens, counselors, and teachers to our web site. We have all these free resources -- writing activities, information on how we teach. Do you know young people and adults who might like to hear about our work? Please send them our way. Do you have any marketing or networking skills that could help us reach more people and do more good?

Also, we love to speak to groups in the community about the lives and poetry of our authors. If you belong to an organization that would like to hear Pongo's story, please contact us. Are you a conference organizer?

Our books are available for sale, and they are a great way of sharing our perspective on the challenges and resilience that are the result of a difficult childhood.

Have other ideas about how you can help? Please feel free to get in touch at