Teen Poetry Collections

Flying Pig World

by Sun-shine (age 15)

There's this flying pig world
And it's just me there
I can go there by myself
And think
And be with the pigs

There's this wonderful music
Just playing
The pigs are just flying
Around me
With their wings
Glistening in the sunlight

They're bringing me
Any kind of candy I want
They're treating me like
I'm their royal queen

All I have to do is ring a bell
And they're there for me
To fluff my pillow
Or manicure my toenails
They're reading me my favorite books,
Romance novels

I think about my dream boyfriend
And wonder what he's going to be like
With curly brown sandy hair
Or dark blue eyes

I wonder if he's going to be sweet
Like the wind
Or quiet
Like the sea

The pigs are on a mission
To find this guy for me