Teen Poetry Collections


by Jonathan (age 20)

I remember when me and Terry
Used to go to the clubs
And we used to do e-bombs
Triple sacks of blue dolphins

The first time that I ever done it
I understand the feeling he meant
He brought me to the club life

And when I did it
I felt so great
Like never before
We got addicted
To the habit

We started doing it straight up
For a year straight
Terry had to go to Western State Hospital
For a year straight

He was poor and lived with me
He was like a brother to me
He came to my house
And I came out

He said, "You see all these cars out here.
You have the keys."
I did not know what he meant
I did not know what he meant
I did not know what he meant
He said, "You have the keys."

He came for two or three months

Ecstasy fucks up the brain
And I lost who I was

My dad said, "Tell Terry that you
Have the keys and see what he says."
Terry said, "Good. We can go now."

Ecstasy makes you feel so good
I had to visit him for a year at Western State
I was high on coke and crack
He knew where I was at
He called me a snake

I used to dog my dad all the time
But I love him now
And all I want now is to have Terry back
It's really harsh