Teen Poetry Collections

Earliest Memories

by Isiah (age 14?)

I remember when I was young
I used to live with a lady, my aunt named Judy,
with my mom in a drug house,
a white house with messed up steps.
You walked in, there were kids all running around
in Pampers, no shirts,
garbage all over, Kentucky Fried Chicken boxes
all over the place,
blood spattered all over the wall,
dirty kitchen, dirty dishes all in the kitchen,
all you see around was
pimps, hustlers, young gang members,
teenage girls,
people running in and out at all hours of the night,
always making noise,
people always fighting,
all you see is money, people chopping up dope.

At the time I was young, I was 6,
I was seeing all this
thinking that I wanted to be
the youngest pimp alive,
let alone that it was all around me,
I was trapped,
it was all around me, there, it was over my friend's house,
everywhere, it was just like that.
I was trapped in the ghetto.