You Can Support Pongo


Pongo Publishing (aka The Pongo Teen Writing Project) welcomes your donations. We are a nonprofit, volunteer-based program, and we operate VERY efficiently. [The young writers and adults pictured above are from a wonderful Pongo-inspired writing project at Friends of the Children, a mentoring organization.]

Pongo runs writing and publishing projects inside juvenile detention centers, state psychiatric hospitals, and other sites. Pongo also encourages, trains, and supports Pongo-inspired projects that serve youth around the country. Many of Pongo's teen authors have suffered childhood traumas -- but personal writing makes a difference for them.

  • It allows the young people to write about their feelings with candor and with less shame.

  • It allows them to look at their circumstances analytically.

  • It allows them to practice self-expression and engage in a dialogue about their experiences.

  • It allows the youth to feel creative and proud.

And Pongo’s authors learn that writing can be a way to respond to their memories, anger, and sadness, without getting caught up in self-destructive feelings or behaviors.

Pongo Publishing is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations to Pongo are tax deductible as allowed by law.