Teen Poetry Collections

Confused in My Words

by Amanda (age 15)

Well, everybody has me all confused in my words. People got me twisted in every way possible. They think they know me, but they don't. There's only two people that really know me, and hopefully they don't flap their mouths. I know one of them won't, and the other one, she's on some high-power sh_t, and everybody knows that.

And everybody runs their mouth just for the simple fact they're player-hating and jealous of what I got and what I can get, even though some people think otherwise. But they're surprised when they find out I got what I want. And also, if I didn't say something to your face or admit to it, you don't believe it. And most females, they'll talk sh_t about me and act like funny bunnies because I got a boyfriend named Mafia, and every female knows him or at least hears about him. So maybe that's why they're player-hating on me, but most of the time I don't let it get to me because I trust him, and we're on a higher level than what he's been on with any other females. And we have an understanding, and he knows how I feel about him because I love him dearly. So that's all there is to that.