Teen Poetry Collections

After My Sisters Were Kidnapped

by Lucas (age 17?)

When I was at the motel I was scared that I would never see my sisters again and then it came true and every day I would go all over Seattle trying to find out where my sisters were, I was trying my hardest to find my sisters, I was gone all day long looking looking where I was in a f____d up situation, I was walking around everywhere with a gun and ready for anyone to give me a clue or something to help locate my sisters, and I was ready to kill anybody that had anything to do with what had happened to my two little sisters, and I was hurt, I was angry, I was lost, I was in my own world, I was f____d up in the head, I was gone and no one could talk to me or anything, I was gone, it was a time in life I will never forget that someone so sick could take those two sweet little girls from someone that has spent a lot of time and cared for them as much as I could, I was those girls' older brother and it hurts me bad because I used to take those girls with me everywhere I went and I used to take them to parks and play with them and get a lot of stuff for them, and I was an older brother that wouldn't let anybody do nothing do anything to these sweethearts, and I was so hurt I went out was getting drunk and smoking weed and I had got caught up in some sh_t and got arrested and sent to an institution for nine months, and I got out and I was trying to do a lot better and I was going out trying to get a job and help my mom out and I was doing everything I can to try to help my mom and then I was doing good for a long time and then on February 11, 1998, my mom told me that they have found the girls and then I started to cry and I was hurt and I started to drink and get high and I got in trouble and couldn't even go to the funeral and I was in here hurt and looking at thirteen months and now I'm trying to do a lot better so I can get over this.

In memory of my sisters