Things I'd Like to Understand

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Things I'd Like to Understand
by young women in juvenile rehab

About fathers...
Why do fathers love and need us
Whe do fathers love and leave us
Why do dads want to play some of the time, when they're sick,
          but other times, want to be on the street
Why do they do our mothers wrong

About mothers...
Why do mothers give us away
Why do they tell us not to do something,
          when they did the same thing
Why do mothers still love you
          after you do bad things
Why do they feel guilty
          when you might be dying

About boys...
Why are boys so immature
Why are boys so aggressive
Why do they try to show off
Why do they think with the wrong head
Why do they always think females
          owe them something
Why do they do you wrong
          and then expect you to be there for them

About girls...
Why do girls fall in love
Why are they so negative
Why are they always trying to be like me
Why are they so naive
Why are they always switching
Why are they so self-conscious

About love...
Why do people get hurt in relationships
Why is it so easy for someone to say "I love you,"
          but so hard for them to mean it
Why does love make people confused
Why does love make you put your priorities
          at the bottom of the list
Why does love bring you down

About life...
Why does life have so much crime
Why is life a game
Why is life so long
Why does life have to hurt
Why can't life go on forever
Why is life so unforgiving
Why is life so unfair

About death...
Why do we want to die
Why do we have to die
Why do people we love have to die
Why do people we love have to die over females,
          over anything
Why does death hurt so much
Why do we suffer
What happens after death

About myself...
Why do I feel the way I do
Why do we have sad thoughts
What makes me mean
Why do I want to control other people
Why am I so angry
Why do I always have to fight
Why is my life this way
Why are we in prison

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Things I'd Like to Understand

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