Remember Our Friendship?

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Remember Our Friendship?
by Hayley

Do you remember our childhood?
I do
Riding horses in the mountains until nightfall
With rain drops as our only indication that it was time
To come home
Your mama’s suppers organic fresh healthy
Always on the table each evening at six

Do you remember flowing around the pool table
In our creative tribal dance
To the melodious chant
Of Harry Nilsson’s “Coconut” parading out of your mom’s stereo
The notes frolicking through the room like fireflies

Racing down to Fresno after school
For soccer practice
Pushing that ’86 Toyota Camry to the max
And freeze outs on the way home from a movie
Air conditioner on
Windows down
Snow sifting in
And nobody
I mean nobody
Was gonna call “uncle”

We took the labels together
“The Mountain Girls”
With a laugh
Sitting on opposite ends of the field
But you always had my back

You driving the eight hours from Oregon
After the accident
To sit on a waiting room floor with me
Just to cry

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Remember Our Friendship?

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