Myself: Revised Edition

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Myself: Revised Edition
by Anni

I am revising myself, improved edition. This new version will include: Twenty pounds of self-forgiveness yielding to all the things I wish I had done differently and one grand, rose-scented slate – to start over. 

Chapter One would be called: Not Letting Self-Hate Have the Last Word. Highlighting the virtues of self-acceptance, and the way even my dangling threads and ripped parts need my love, too. 

Chapter Two will be titled: Where You Stumble, There Is Your Treasure, exploring the cunning ways my mistakes, that I thought were my enemies, have been my teachers, like the time I failed my English class, only to discover how much I actually love words. 

Another chapter will be called: Good-Bye, Shame, exposing the numerous ways I’ve hidden and apologized for existing, like the time I sat in the corner, not speaking up, believing what I had to say wasn’t as important as everyone else. 

Certainly, I would include a part on the things I am dropping down the garbage chute, starting off with my outgrown old self-image. The new Me is still in God’s blender. But whoever that turns out to be, I can at least say: It’s someone for whom I have a newfound fondness and admiration. 

Definitely, the last section will be about my new hopes, no longer the color of mud, but cobalt blue and vermillion, iridescent like the calligraphy in an ancient Celtic manuscript.

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Myself: Revised Edition

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