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by Shira

When I was 5 years old I ran with abandon.
Galloping through the halls of the house,
Innocent to the danger of splinters from the floor boards,
An imagined horse
I laughed and shrieked with joy.
When I was 13 I ran from the laughter of a boy,
 his taunting cackle.
 I ran to hide my tears,
 locked in the bathroom
I could finally cry.
Safe from all of their eyes.
When I was 19 I ran from the monsters in my mind.
Ran from loneliness to isolation
Ran to the deepest sleep.
The darkest corner of my bedroom,
Ran to the blessing of slumber
When I was 25 I ran towards my future
Finally filled with more hope than fear.
I ran with intentions
Leaping each hurdle
Each stride bringing me closer to my dream.
I ran to an imagined future in my mind’s eye.
Bright and

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