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by Adrienne

I am addicted.
I am addicted to juvie,
where you stay locked up in a small cell,
a place where you have to eat what they serve you,
a place that is filled with lots of anger and hate.
I am addicted.
I am addicted to hate,
where every day is a constant battle with myself.
Hate – a place that leads to nowhere,
a self-destructing habit.
I am addicted.
I am addicted to weed,
a drug that makes everything seem better
but is just an illusion,
a drug that makes me happy for a minute
but when I come down
it’s me again –
a very sad and depressed person.
I am addicted.
I am addicted to sadness,
a place that I hate being,
but yet reside in that emotion.
It’s a very cold and scary place.
I am addicted.
I am addicted to my family.
My family is filled with hate, betrayal, lies,
and sadness.
My family –
I have to see them everyday struggling,
struggling to get through the day,
just even to get along.
I am addicted.
I am addicted to juvie, hate, weed, sadness,
and family.
My addiction isn’t a positive addiction.
It got me hooked.
I am addicted because I’ve never felt any different.
It’s the only thing I know.
It’s a constant battle.

I am addicted.

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