When Death Comes Suddenly

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When Death Comes Suddenly
by Ron

When death comes suddenly
You chase after it, or it follows you
You grab it, or it grabs you
And you hold on, or are held by

This is about my memories and emotions

The things I've heard...
Gunshots. It wasn't really loud because they were right in front of me. More than 100 shots from automatic weapons. They shot the whole car up. Plus my cousin got shot 15 times.

The things I've touched...
I held his hand. He lived for three hours when he got fixed up. His hand was soft, clean. And I had a flashback at the time. I could have died.

The things I've tasted...
We just finished eating at McDonald's. We'd kicked it that day. Gone to the mall. A bag of new clothes on the backseat got shot up. There was cotton all over the place.

The things I've seen...
I just seen some people going hella slow. They just started dumping. Sprayed up the whole car. I loved my cousin. He was my boy. An ambulance came, picked him up, but I didn't see. I had to go in the house. They didn't want me to get involved.

The things I've imagined...
I could imagine his survival, but I was worried about his brain being damaged. He was shot in the chest. I was surprised he lived to see the hospital. I could imagine him in a wheelchair, paralyzed.

The things I've felt...
They pulled up, and the straps sounded like cap guns. My cousin said, "Get down." That's when he got shot up. I was hella shocked. At the same time that he was trying to hold me down, he was reaching for his gun. He was one of those people who didn't feel pain. He once came walking to my house with a bullet in his stomach.

The way I feel today...
I feel cool. I don't feel mad. I don't feel sad. I don't feel happy. I just feel normal. I wish I would have stayed home instead of asking if we could go kick it. I wish it would have never happened.

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When Death Comes Suddenly

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