Letter After a Time (to someone who died)

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Letter After a Time (to someone who died)
by Sarah

This is a letter to someone important to me who died.
This is a letter to my step-mom.

Here’s something I never told you…
I jumped into a gang when I was 13 and started doing drugs as well. I regret everything I ever did wrong (especially the things I just listed), and I wish I could take it all back.

Here’s what’s new…
Your dad died about eight months after you. My homegirl K. committed suicide. I did five armed robberies, got charged with two, and got three and a half years. I’m locked up for at least two years more. I miss the hell out of you and think of you every day.

Just last night…
I was thinkin’ about everyone who’s died in my life. I think about what it would be like if you were still alive. I know I wouldn’t be here, and I probably would never have done drugs.

When I dream sometimes…
I imagine seeing you, lying in the bathtub, relaxed, comfortable, content, and ready for a conversation.

It amazes me…
to look ahead to the future, to think about who else is gonna die (including myself) and how I’m gonna be able to handle it. I also wonder if I’ll ever be as happy (again) as I was when you were alive.

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Letter After a Time (to someone who died)

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