Teen Poetry Collections

A Perfect Man With A Bitch For A Wife

by Chris (age 14)

He was a soft-hearted man
He didn't let anything get to him,
except what happened

His life was hard

because of what she did to him
It makes me wish she'd die
and rot in hell

She took your kids,
all your money,
and left you lying in the street
like a bum

You weren't a bum
You had a good family
You weren't a bum


No one knew
how you felt
You should've told us
I would've run away
from my house
and hitchhiked up to Seattle

I would've taken away the pills
I would've saved them
I would've used them -
I was using then

I would've called his mom
to tell her how he was feeling,
so she could talk him out of
killing himself