Pongo Poetry Project's 2021 Art Contest

Youth Artists, submit your artwork for the cover of Pongo's next book of youth poetry!

For CFJC & CSTC Youth Residents ONLY

December 31st, 2021

Eligibility: 7 to 17; youth residents of CSTC or CFJC only

Contest Description: Make a piece of artwork in response to a poem written during the '20-'21 project year. Staff will provide you with the poems. Multiple submissions per person will be considered.

Artwork can include:

  • drawing,
  • sketches,
  • paintings,
  • photographs,
  • sculptures and other three-dimensional work that can be photographed

The winning youth artist will receive

  • a $50 Prize in the form of a gift card to their choice of Trader Joe's, Safeway, QFC, or Fred Meyer

  • publication of their artwork in the next Pongo book (likely in 2023 or 2024)

  • consideration of their art to be on the cover of the next Pongo book

At the Pongo Editorial Team's discretion a runner-up could get an opportunity for either of the following:

  • their artwork posted on our website or newsletter.

  • their artwork published in the next Pongo book (likely in 2023 or 2024)

Submit to Pongo's Cover Art Contest by following these steps:

1.) Complete and sign a copy of our Artist's Release (click here to download ).

2.) Write your name on the back of your artwork

3.) Give your artwork to staff. Staff will collect the art and deliver the collection to Pongo when the contest closes December 31st.

Sponsoring Organization: Pongo is a 26-year-old, Seattle-based non-profit that publishes poetry by youth living difficult lives. As Pongo has published dozens of books and given thousands away to youth around the world, this would be a great way to share your artwork with a large audience.

Winner Selection: Pongo Contest Judges will select winning artwork based on thematic and aesthetic considerations related to the collection of poems in which the art will appear. Winner selection is not a reflection of Pongo Contest Judges' opinion of youth artist's skill or a piece of artwork's merit or value. All Pongo Contest Judges' decisions are final.

Copyright Statement: Artists will retain copyright on their work. Submitting artwork to Pongo gives Pongo only a one-time, royalty-free license to use the work on/in this publication only, and any other uses of the work will be separately negotiated with the artist. Pongo can put an official copyright statement on artwork; however, Pongo can do so only if we have an artist's permission to use their actual name or an artist's chosen pseudonym.