Prize Poetry

Words of Wisdom

by a young woman, age 13

Eat ice cream
because it will improve your tears

Dance like a tiger
because it will save you the time to wait

Laugh like an ostrich is tickling you
Laughing a lot will cause you to grow fine

Talk with honesty
and listen with love

Be silent so you can clear your mind of any unhappy thoughts
Being silent will help you have a peaceful night's rest

First thing when you wake up, jump and touch the ceiling
because it will make you strong

Last thing before you go to sleep, read a adventure book
because it will give some mystery

In the Winter of your life, make sure you freeze

In the Spring of your life, make sure you see the newborns

In the Summer of your life, make sure you live your life how you want it

In the Autumn of your life, make sure you thank mother nature for her colors

When it's rainy outside, don't forget your immaturity

When you've had a bad day, you can always think about the time when you smiled and had fun

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