Teen Poetry Collections

Why Am I Angry?

by a young man, age 13

I’m angry.
I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
I am sick of hurting people.
I’m sick of hurting people’s feelings.
I’m sick of being rude to everybody.
I’m sick of making my mom cry.
My anger takes me by surprise
Because I am feeling really bad
About what I’ve done to my family.
My anger is like a giant forest fire
That burns everything that gets in the way.
I am sorry for hurting all my family’s feelings.
I’m sorry for messing up people’s lives.
I’m sorry, little cousin, that I taught you how to cuss.
I am so selfish. I’m sorry.
The police came to take me away.
I felt as upset as an evil dragon trying to kill people.
I want to die, a painful slow death.
I want a bullet in my head.
I wish I could go to hell, because I don’t
Belong in this world.
I’m angry, but I’m sorry.

Dedicated to my family