Prize Poetry

Who I Am

by a young woman, age 17

I am a ghost.
I am a ghost to the ones surrounded by me.

They never see who I really am. 
They just see right through me.

I am a vampire.
I am the one who sucks up all of the crap
These girls come in here with.
They act like I don't have any idea.
But I've been going through it longer than all of them.

I am a clown.
I am the one who tries to take their mind off of
What they are going through. 
But I can still hide a hundred things behind my laugh and humor.
I struggle to let myself be the one to help,
But I should help myself.

I am a girl. 
Who is in trouble. 
But acts as if it doesn't bother me.
They all just see who I want them to see.
There is so much to deal with, and I can't let her out. 
She tries to escape, but she can't let them see

Who she really is bound to be.

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