Prize Poetry

Where I Come From

by "Alicia," age 16

I'm from a street where few live around me
I'm from faith in the blade
I'm from a long line of people who have cold hearts
I'm from confusion about the meaning of my life
I'm from laughter over the jokes I make with friends
I come from a big family, yet we are distant from one another
I'm from love, and I know that because, since being adopted,
     I have been surrounded by it
I'm from fear, especially when I think about
     not being good enough for anyone
I come from a long line of messed up people
I come from experiences like surviving on my own
I come from four different families:
     my biological family, my adopted family,
     my boyfriend’s family, and my friends
And I wish my life would become easier

[Author Statement: Writing poetry is how I cope with my depression. It may help a lot, but not completely, and that's okay, because over the past year I have found people who I brought into my life, who love me for who I am and support me.]