Teen Poetry Collections

Where I Come From #5

 by a young man in detention

I’m from a street where

most things have to be gotten on your own.

I’m from a faith where

I believe in myself and my family for survival.

I’m from a long line of people

who try to make the best of their situation.

I’m from confusion

about how the world works in different ways from most.

I’m from laughter over the difficulties that I made it through in life.

I come from a family that wishes me the best in life.

I’m from love and I know that

because my family shows me by telling me

    what I’m doing wrong.

I’m from fear,

especially when I think about failure and wasting my life

    when I can do so much more.

I come from a long line of strong people

like my mother and father.

I come from experiences like the streets

and how bad they can get.

I come from a smart community

that uses their smarts for crime.

And I wish my life would become better as the days go on

    and stronger, too.