Prize Poetry

Where I Come From #3

by a young woman, age 15

I'm from a street where no one knows,
No one understands,
No one can find.

I'm from faith in a God,
Whose footsteps I can't even follow.

I'm from a line of people who have suffered abandonment,
Suffered loneliness,
Suffered depression,
All alone.

I'm from confusion about my generation,
Why girls are all self-conscious,
Why everyone feels the need to put everyone else below them,
Why no one can be accepted for who they want to be,
Or why acceptance comes in only one shape and size;
Skinny, blonde, and beautiful.

And why the world has become such a place,
No one can find the answer.
No one will ever find the answer.
It's just a ridiculous concept.

I'm from laughter over everything.
Over inside jokes,
Over myself,
Over the fake smiles.

I come from the biggest family,
Nineteen cousins,
Six uncles,
Two aunts,
And a grandmother,
Who has the biggest heart
I have ever known,
None of which
Can see through me.

I'm from fear.
Especially when the bedroom doors are shut.
Or I'm all alone.
Or when I imagine myself,
On my death bed.

I come from experiences like drunk family.
And cannot be avoided.
I've told them things I have never
Told anyone else.
Because they won't remember.
At least that way,
I can tell someone.
Even if they won't remember
The very next day.

I come from a family of happiness,
A family of laughter,
A family of joy,
A family of love.
I come from friendships of happiness,
Friendships of laughter,
Friendships of joy,
Friendships of love.
And of all of them,
I seem to be the only unhappy one,
The one lying,
The one fooling everyone.
The one whom no one would expect
To fall down,
And never get up.

If they saw through me,
Right through me...
I wish my life would become a real life of
And Love.
A world where girls would be happy with themselves,
A world where people were always accepted,
A world where people could be whoever they wanted to be.
A place someone could see through me,
A place someone would understand,
A place someone would finally ask me what was wrong.

That's where I'd like to be from.

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