Teen Poetry Collections

What It's Like to Have a Headache

by a young woman, age 16

When I woke up I had a headache.
It felt like Bulldozing a rock.
I wonder if I think too hard.
I wonder if playing too much tackle football
gives me these excruciating headaches.
I wonder if the headache will ever go away.
I wonder if my Dad is doing OK now,
working hard, watching my L’il sisters.
So much responsibility, Learning to take
care of his loved ones.
I wonder if he will ever change his ways –
Watching us while Drinking,
bringing other Females in while Mom is gone,
or Doing Crank in the bathroom not knowing
who us kids are when he comes out.
As I get older I wonder why
he did these things???
Did he really mean what he says
about how he loves us so much???
As I wake out of my daze there it is
Another headache.