Teen Poetry Collections

What Happened to Jimmy

by a young man, age 13

He went on an outing and
He jumped out of the moving rec van
And he died, he fell over a cliff,
And hit his head on a rock –
His body was never found,
Because it’s in the middle of a lake.
He later haunted the basements of the cottages.

He wants his body found.
But nobody listens to him.
They are too frightened of him.
People know he is there because
Furniture moves by itself.
He moans and says,
     “Help me, please! Find my body!
       And bury it properly!”

He wants to see his mother and father again,
But no one has told him he is discharged,
So he thinks he can’t leave.
So he still haunts the basements of the
Cottages today.

Dedicated to my family